Curvz Builder 1.1.1 was released January 27, 2007

What's new in Curvz Builder version 1.1.1

This version is mainly a bug fix version:

• Error bars in log plots are now drawn correctly.

• Fixed a bug that in rare cases made the program to freeze when end point values of axis scales were changed.

• Some minor bugs have also been eliminated.


What was new in Curvz Builder version 1.1

• The export of plots at high resolution has been improved, including EPS files (Encapsulated PostScript) with preview picture and PICTs with vector or bitmap graphics. PICT export can take place via the Clip Board or PICT files.

• PostScript printing is now fully supported for all PostScript printers. Curvz Builder generates its own PostScript code to draw the curves. This ensures optimal accuracy and smoothness. (Excellent results are also obtained on other kinds of printers.)

• The efficiency of creation of plots with many data points has been greatly improved. Curvz Builder can handle data sets with up to 32751 data points. Speed improvements of up to a factor of five have been achieved.

Zooming of plot windows is changed so the size of the plot determines the zoomed window size.

• The calculator can now be visible or hidden by default in all Data Sheet windows.

• Some bugs have been eliminated.

More detailed information about the changes can be found in the "Changes in Curvz Builder 1.1.1" file available from the download page.


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